World premiere pulse fifth generation pulse handheld laser head

About Overview:

Our technicians have recently developed a pulse laser cleaning head, named after the fifth-generation pulse cleaning head, which is suitable for 100W, 200W, 300W air-cooled pulse laser cleaning machines. Compared with the fourth-generation cleaning head, it has higher safety and a lighter body, and its ergonomic design allows users to hold and work for a long time without getting tired on the wrist, which can be used by all groups.

The appearance of this new cleaning head is unique in the market, and its performance has independent integrity. It integrates high technology, high speed, high efficiency, high flexibility and strong stability, and is compatible with all the advantages of the first, second, third and fourth generation pulse cleaning heads. Our designers have upgraded and optimized its size and weight, and it will be the lightest pulse cleaning head in the world to date. Now, this fifth-generation 2D pulse cleaning head has passed many quality inspections and has been officially put into the market, let’s talk about its advantages and features:

Super Advantage:

  1. The newly upgraded fifth-generation 2D cleaning head, independent research and development and the first in the world.
  2. The weight of the entire laser head is only 0.65kg, portable hand-held design, compact and lightweight.
  3. It is specially designed for 100W/200W/300W air-cooling pulse cleaning machine, with stable performance and no heat.
  4. The parameters are adjustable, support non-contact automatic selective cleaning, and have a long service life.

Specifications and Features:

  1. Universal power supply: 220V/380V 50HZ/60HZ, plug and play.
  2. Focus lens: 160/254/330/420 optional.
  3. Cleaning mode: 12 modes are supported, which can scan straight lines, circular spirals, rectangles, squares, circle fills and rectangle fills.
  4. With its own lighting device, it can be perfectly adapted to any place where the light is weak.
  5. Comes with cooling holes, positioning holes, manual auxiliary devices, etc.

Air Cooling Pulse Cleaning Machine:

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