The brief introduction of QILIN welding head


The laser processing head is a key component of laser welding equipment, and it is a key factor affecting the welding effect. Our welding machine adopts the best QILIN double swing welding head, it can be used to adjust the focal length and the working distance, so as to obtain the most suitable spot size and welding path. In the laser welding head, components with different functions are integrated, including laser focusing and introduction unit, shielding gas introduction and distribution unit, cooling system, lens protection system, etc. In the laser welding process with feedback control, it also has Monitoring and feedback control unit.


The protective lens of the laser welding machine itself is a consumable and needs to be replaced regularly. In order to prevent the protective lens from being frequently burned out due to improper use of laser welding machine equipment and prolong the service life of wearing parts, we should pay attention to:

  • Appropriately increase the air pressure. Usually, the flow rate is not less than 15, and the pressure is not less than 4. It is recommended to use an oxygen pressure gauge of not less than 2 kg.
  • When welding, try to present a 45° welding inclination angle between the welding gun and the plate, not vertical.
  • The setting parameters should be slowly increased and decreased as much as possible, and should not be greatly adjusted at one time. For example, the on/off delay time is 200-500ms, the on/off optical power is 20%, and the on/off light progressive time is 200-300ms.
  • When welding aluminum and galvanized sheets, this material is more likely to damage the lens than other materials, and the minimum power should be used for welding. At high power, the loss of the lens will increase compared to low power.
  • The quality of the protective lens also determines the durability of its use. It is recommended to use the original lens provided by us.

  • Laser welding nozzle: Its structure is relatively complex, which plays an important role in ensuring the welding quality. Many laser nozzles with different characteristics have been developed at home and abroad. From the perspective of gas protection, the gas should be smoothly introduced and evenly distributed and flowed, so as to ensure uniform coverage of the laser welding area and form a good protection effect. Generally speaking, the integrated design of the coaxial arrangement of the protection zone nozzle and the laser beam is the mainstream. Although the structure is complex and the cost is high, the protection effect is good, stable and reliable. The way of introducing the protective gas in the front and rear sides is relatively simple, but the protective effect is poor and has been rarely used. Usually the distance from the nozzle to the workpiece is 3mm-10mm. The nozzle aperture is 4mm-8mm, and the gas flow rate is 8L/min-30L/min.
  • Laser cutting nozzle: It is an independent function of the laser welding machine besides the welding function. It is the key component to realize the cutting of metal materials. It can be used to complete the simple cutting of 1-2mm metal sheets. However, its precision and smoothness are definitely not as good as professional laser cutting machines.




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