tire cleaning system

Tire Cleaning Project

The tire laser cleaning production line uses 300w pulse laser cleaning equipment, integrated into the tire production system. After the tire production is completed and demolded, the remaining mold oil and other pollutants on the inner wall of the tire are cleaned and equipped with a dust collection system. , collect pollutants into the disposal box in a timely manner, which on the one hand can improve the service life of the tires, and on the other hand reduce pollution in the tire production workshop. Pulse tire laser cleaning equipment has become an important link in tire production, thus greatly saving production operation time and improving tire cleaning production efficiency.

This auto spare parts brake discs use a 200w pulsed laser cleaning machine, this machine is small size and light weight, easy to carry anywhere, so it’s a good tool for a bussiness beginner.

There are 3 brake discs from size 16mm- 35mm diameters, only cost 8 minutes to complete the cleaning process, not only the oil dust, but also the rust, oxide, and so on, this 200w pulse laser cleaning machine all work well.

auto spare cleaning case