Tube and sheet Laser Cutting Machine

TPF-3015ET Tube and sheet laser cutter

TPF 3015ET Tube Laser Cutter

  • Model: TPF3015ET
  • Cutting precision upto: + -0.2mm
  • Maximum speed: 100m/min simultaneously
  • Laser: Fiber 1064nm
  • Laser Head:  Raytools
  • Maximum acceleration: 1G
  • Auto Focus :Yes
  • Motorization: Yaskawa Servo 1300WY, 750WX and 400WZ axes
  • Laser Power :2000W
  • Guide : Hiwin 30mm linear guldes movement
  • Height control : Yes, capacitive, CNC integrated,high sensitivity automatic calbration

Tube and sheet Laser Cutting Machine

This laser cutting machine has mutiple useage, it can work as tube laser cutter and also can be workable for sheet metal laser cutting machine.

Tube laser cutter Spare Parts

Raytools/Precitec Laser Cutting Head

  • Highly dustproof:Light path is fully enclosed so the possibility of lens contamination is almost zero.

  • Efficient water cooling:The focusing lens, collimating lens and nozzle have built-in cooling function, which can solve the problem of cutting heating.

Max Laser Generator

The laser adopts modular design, the system is highly integrated, maintenance-free, and high reliability.The laser power is continuously adjustablewith high beam quality and high laser stability


Controller FSCUT3000S Bochu

TubeProsoftwareIndustrial CPU+ cantileverersystemWireless remote controller



Self-centering:With self-centering plate and electric drive on the front and pneumatic drive on the rearall automatic. Save time by loading tubes.CNC automatic tube recognition corrects manufacturingerrors ortube bending, maximizing part productivity and repeatability.The drawing is visualized in3Don the panel, facilitating the operation. Switching from tube cutting to plate cutting is immediatenot requiring additional setups.



Automatic plate excchange: less time to change plates for cutting, increasing productivityChanging tables takes about 16 seconds. Electric motor controlled by frequency inverter for ease of use and durability of the mechanical assembly.