TPF3015H cnc metal cutter machine

cnc metal cutter machine

TPF3015H cnc metal cutter machine

  • Model:TPF3015H
  • Laser type:1064nm Fiber
  • Auto focus:Yes
  • Laser power:2000W
  • Weight:3200 KG
  • Positioning accuracy:+-0.03mm/m
  • Repeatability:+-0.02mm
  • Cutting accuracy can reach:+-0.2mm

cnc metal cutter machine

This cnc metal laser cutting machine has a independent computer controller.

cnc metal cutter machine spare parts

Laser cutting head

Raytools Laser CuttingHead, Optimized optical configuration and smooth and efficient airflow design

Complete fast perforation of thick plates and automatic cutting of plates of different thicknesses and materials

Fuji servo motor

Fuji servo motor and driver

  • Excellent stability
  • High speed
  • Free adjustment
  • Realize automatic tuning function
  • Improve performance

Max Laser Generator

  • MD single-wavelength direct semiconductor is a compact and efficient high-power laser.
  • Higher laser utilizationHigh electro-optical conversion efficiency
  • The output core diameter is smaller, the energy density is high, and thicker materials can be welded or cut
Wireless handheld box

FSCUT 2000 Wireless handheld box

Convenient installation,simple debugging,excellent performanceprogram installation