Double Plate Laser Cutter -2022 Best tube laser cutting machine for sale

TPF3015E double plate laser cutter

TPF3015E double plate laser cutter

  • Model: TPF3015E
  • Laser type : 1064nm Fiber
  • Auto focus: Yes
  • Laser power : 3000W
  • Weight : 4000KG
  • Positioning accuracy :+-0.03mm/m
  • Repeatability : +-0.02mm
  • Cutting accuracy can reach : +-0.2mm

TPF3015E Double Plate Laser Cutter

Double exchangeable plate laser cutter, easy to operate and save much time in metal cutting process.

Tube laser cutter Spare Parts


Max Laser Generator

  • More Stable Beam
  • MD single-wavelength direct semiconductor is a compact and efficient high-power laser.
  • Higher laser utilizationHigh electro-optical conversion efficiency
  • The output core diameter is smaller, the energy density is high, and thicker materials can be welded or cut

BM110 auto focus laser cutting head

  • High power 
  • Auto focus
  • Efficient Cooling
  • Automatic cutting of different thicknessSheets of different materials
YASKAWA Servo Motor and drive

YASKAWA Servo Motor and driver

  • Auto Adjust
  • Performance Up
  • Reduce installation time
  • Enhanced vibration suppression function
  • New advanced auto tuning function
Wireless handheld box

FSCUT 3000 S Wireless handheld box

Reduce installation timeEnhanced vibration suppression functionNew advanced auto tuning function