TPF3015P 2000w Fiber laser cutting machine

2000w laser cutting machine

TPF3015P 2000w metal laser cutting machine

  • Model:TPF3015P
  • Laser power:1000w/1500W/2000w/3000w
  • Rotating shaft diameter:Depend on your require
  • Maximum cutting speedx:0-30m/ min (depending on material and thickness)
  • Y,Zaxis orientation accuracy : x+0.051mn/ m
  • Y,Zaxis repeat accuracy : s+0.03mm/m
  • Minimum line width: s0.1 5mm
  • Driving mode:YASKAWA SERVO
  • Transfer method : Y-axis rack and pinion double drive, X- axis ball screw
  • Cooling system: Hanli Chiller
1000w laser cutting machine

2000w laser cutting machine Video Show

1000w,2000w,3000w fiber laser cutting machine videos

3000w fiber laser cutting machine

Tube laser cutter Spare Parts

Laser cutting head

Raytools Laser CuttingHead, Optimized optical configuration and smooth and efficient airflow design


Max Laser Generator

MD single-wavelength direct semiconductor is a compact and efficient high-power laser.

Higher laser utilizationHigh electro-optical conversion efficiencyThe output core diameter is smaller, the energy density is high, and thicker materials can be welded or cut

Fuji servo motor

Fuji servo motor and driver

Adjustment-free functionrealize instant-on-useautomatic tuning functionimprove performance

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FSCUT 3000 S Wireless handheld box

Convenient installation,simple debugging,excellent performanceprogram installation