Tube Laser Cutting Machine -2022 Best tube laser cutter for sale

Tube Laser cutting machine

TPF 62T Tube Laser Cutter

  • Model:TPF62T
  • Laser power:1500W
  • Rotating shaft diameter:Depend on your require
  • Maximum cutting speedx:0-30m/ min (depending on material and thickness)
  • Y,Zaxis orientation accuracy : x+0.051mn/ m
  • Y,Zaxis repeat accuracy : s+0.03mm/m
  • Minimum line width: s0.1 5mm
  • Driving mode:YASKAWA SERVO
  • Transfer method : Y-axis rack and pinion double drive, X- axis ball screw
  • Cooling system: Hanli Chiller

TPF 62T Tube Laser Cutter Video Show

Metal Tube Laser Cutter

Tube laser cutter Spare Parts

Laser cutting head

  • Highly dustproof:fully enclosed package light path, the possibility of lens contamination is almost zero 
  • Efficient water cooling:The focusing lens, collimating lens and nozzle have built-in cooling function, which can solve the problem of cutting heating.

Max Laser Generator

Modular design, stable performanceEven spot energy distribution, stable processingReduce welding spatter, thick plate cutting ability is more stableHigher laser utilizationHigh electro-optical conversion efficiencyThe output core diameter is smaller, the energy density is high,and thicker materials can be welded or cut

YASKAWA Servo Motor and drive

YASKAWA Servo Motor and driver

  • Excellent stability
  • High speed
  • Free adjustment
  • Realize automatic tuning function
  • Improve performance
Wireless handheld box

FSCUT 3000 S Wireless handheld box

Support automatic loading and unloading and cycle processing, support standard automatic feeding action

Support the setting of a separate corner process to improve the quality of pipe corner cutting

Track accuracy 0.02mmPositioning accuracy 0.001mmRepeat positioning accuracy 0.003mm

Laser Cutter Chiller

Cooling system

Brand:wuhan hanli chillerCooling 

The laser and cutting headDual temperature and dual control