jewelry spot welder -2022 Best jewelry spot welding machine for sale

jewelry spot welder

jewelry spot welder

Jewelry; diamond rings pendants, accessories, necklaces, etc.

The desktop is compact and easy to handle.

The whole machine is 90 kg.

Pure white corrugated paint clean and durable,not easy to scratch.

  • Machine modelTPW-200w
  • Max power of single impulse90J-150J
  • Welding depth0.1-3. 0mm
  • Pulse width0.1-20ms
  • Laser welding frequency0-50Hz
  • Adjustable scope of laser spot0.2-3.0mm
  • Power Consumption<3KW
  • Cooling system dimensionsWater cooling
  • Observation system10X Microscope or HD CCD
  • Power required220V+ 10%/50Hz(optional 110V)
  • Consumable enon lamp, Filter element,Protective lens, Argc
  • Max laser power200w
  • Working temperature55°F(13°C)-82° F(28° c)
  • Working Humidity5%-75%
  • OptionalCCD System
Jewelry Spot Welder parts

Jewery Spot Welder Microscope

High power microscopefor welding metal easily.

control panel jewelry spot welding machine

jewelry spot welding machine control panel

Simple operation and easy to use.

laser spot welding machine for sale

Other jewelry laser welder spares

Switch  / LED LIGHT  /Lifting table /   Foot switch