handheld laser cleaning machine-2022 best handheld laser cleaner for sale

handheld laser cleaning machine
  • Model:TPC-1000W
  • Laser source:MAX-1000W
  • BBP(mm.m rad):0.42.5
  • Format:150mm
  • Work Model:Continuous
  • Average Power (Pulse):450W
  • Max. Power(W):1000W
  • Laser Wavelength(nm): 1080+5.
  • Repetitive Rate(Hz): 500-5000
  • Pulse Width(ms): 0.05-0.6
  • Output Power Stability: <2%
  • Fiber Core Diameter(um): 25/50/100 Optional

Tube laser cutter Spare Parts

Laser cleaning head


Large format 150mm cleaning range

Handheld laser head designLightweight and easy to operateLarge cleaning areaEquipped with a hair dryer head, allowing you to better observe the cleaning effect during work

max laser generator

  • Modular design, stable performance
  • Even spot energy distribution, stable processing
  • Higher laser utilization
  • High electro-optical conversion efficiency
  • Smaller output core diameter and high energy density
  • Better cleaning effect

Control panel

Easy to get startedSupport English, Korean, Russian, SpanishTouch screen operation is more convenient for technicians to control and use

handheld laser cleaner chiller

Hanli Water Chiller

Dual temperature and dual controlThe laser and cleaning head can be cooled quickly

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