hand held welding machine

hand held laser welding machine

TPW-1000W hand held welding machine

  • Model:TPW-1000w
  • Laser source:MAX
  • BBP(mm.m rad):0.42.5
  • Average Power(Pulse):450W
  • Max.PowerW):1000W
  • Laser Wavelength(nm):1080士5
  • Repetitive Rate(Hz):500-5000
  • Pulse Width(ms):0.05-0.6
  • Output Power Stability:<2%
  • Fiber Core Diameter(um):25/50/100 Optional
  • Work Model:Continuous

1000w hand held laser welding machine

Hand held laser welding machine with automatic wire feeding machine.

Hand held laser welder spare parts

hand held laser welder head

Hand Held Laser Welder Head

New welding head Safe and reliable,fast and beautiful welding


Max Laser Generator

MD single-wavelength direct semiconductor is a compact and efficient high-power laser.

Higher laser utilizationHigh electro-optical conversion efficiencyThe output core diameter is smaller, the energy density is high, and the welding effect is better


hand held laser welding machine operation system

hand held laser welding machine operation system

Seven welding modesSix languages supportedSimple operation, easy to useQuick coordination with technicians

handheld laser cleaner chiller

Hanli Chiller Water

Rapid coolingCooling the laser and cutting head temperature

Automatic wire feeder

Automatic uniform wire feeding for smoother welding