jnct 300w laser cleaning machine

300w Pulse Laser Cleaning Machine

300w laser cleaning machine for sale

  • Machine Size:720mm X 420mm X 590mm
  • Machine Weight: 110kg
  • Hand Touch Screen
  • Water Cooling
  • Working Status Indicator
  • Overall Small Size
  • Long Time Stable Operation
  • Intelligent System

300w Laser Cleaning Machine Specification

Product Name

300w laser cleaner for rust removal

Laser output center wavelength


Maximum pulse energy


Laser pulse frequency


Laser wavelength bandwidth


Fiber Length


Scan Width


Pulse Width


Security Level

Class 4

300w Laser Cleaning Machine Spare Parts

300w laser rust removal gun

The water-cooled laser head ensures that the laser head can effectively cool down

and achieve long-term use.

Accessory LED lights,positioning cleaning position.

The protective lens prevents dust from entering the laser head. (replaceable)

The laser head can be fixed on the bracket for use.

Built in 12 languages

Support for custom languages

Overall smaller size

Compatible with other hardware

Performance remains stable

Energy saving during operation

Laser Generator

Higher photoelectric conversion

More efficient and stable beam quality

Stronger anti-high reaction ability

The result is better cleaning results