TPC-100w laser cleaning machine

100W laser cleaning machine

Name: 100w rust cleaning laser price

  • Laser Type:  100 watt laser rust removal
  • Maximum output power : 200w
  • Center wavelength : nm 1064±5
  • Pulse length Optional(ns): 90-130
  • Laser pulse frequency( KHZ) : 10-50
  • Maximum single pulse energy(MJ) : 10
  • Cooling method: Water cooling
  • Total power : 2300w
  • Size(mm)  : 1080*710*1170
  • Packaging size (CM):  122*81*140
  • Total weight( kgs): 208
  • Packed weight( kgs):249

100w rust cleaning laser video show

100w laser cleaning machine is pulser laser cleaning machine which is more efficient than the CW laser cleaning machine in craft products and metal detail and conner and son on.If you want to know the100w rust cleaning laser price, welcome contract us freely.

100w laser cleaning machine in paint removal

This 100w laser cleaning machine also can work on paint removal with good perfomance, welcome to inquire for the 100w laser cleaning machine price  freely

100w rust cleaning laser machine spares

100w laser rust removal gun

100w laser rust removal gun

The biggest feature of this 100 watt laser rust removal head is small.

And the 100w rust cleaning laser head also very light and compact

Those features made the 100w laser cleaner flexiable to use

100w laser cleaning machine spares are stable and efficient imported from domestic famous brands(RAYCUS or IPG /Sie-
mensWeichuang,etc.) And this 100w pulse laser cleaning machine accessories and components are adopted to ensure
the stable andreliable operation of the equipment.Easy to operate,complete
and diverse functions.

pulse laser cleaning parts

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