1000w rust cleaning laser-1000w rust cleaning laser price

1000w laser cleaning machine price

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  • Model:TPC- 1500W 1000w
  • Laser source:MAX
  • BBP(mm.m rad):0.4 / 2.5
  • Format: 150mm
  • Work Model:Continuous
  • Average Power (Pulse): 450W
  • Max.Power(W): 1500W
  • Laser Wavelength(nm): 1080+5
  • Repetitive Rate(Hz): 500-5000
  • Pulse Width(ms): 0.05-0.6
  • Output Power Stability: <2%
  • Fiber Core Diameter(um): 25/50/100 Optional
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  • 1000w rust cleaning laser price

1000W fiber laser cleaning machine for sale

The video will show how this 1000 watt laser rust removal machine work process. If you want 1000w rust cleaning laser price, welcome contract us freely.

1000w rust cleaning laser spare parts

1000w rust cleaning laser head

1000w rust cleaning laser has large format cleaning, higher efficiency

1000w laser cleaner head design lightweight and easy to operate.

Better cleaning effect 

The 1000w rust cleaning laser is concentrated and the cleaning effect is better

8 Language for choose in this 1000w laser rust removal.

Support six languages

Simplified Chinese

Traditional Chinese





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1000w rust cleaning laser max laser generator

1000w rust cleaning laser can quickly and effectively clean the surface paint layer, oxide layer and rust, and provide an environmentally friendly and efficient cleaning solution for ships, aviation, heavy industry and other industriesa

1000w rust cleaning laser Operation System

1000w rust cleaning laser operating system

support six languages

1000w laser cleaner Water Chiller

1000w laser cleaner has rapid cooling

Cooling the laser and cutting head temperature