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Completely tire laser cleaning machine unit

TPC-500A/1000A Pulse Laser Cleaning System is suitable for cleaning the inner surface of tires, used in the production and manufacture of semi-steel silent tires and self-sealing rubber tires, using laser to clean the release agent and other stains on the inner surface of tires (attached to the inner liner). The dust is automatically recovered during the cleaning process, which will not pollute the environment.

Tire Cleaning Laser system application

  • Tire Size: 15in-24in
  • Tire Width:100-400mm

Laser Tire Cleaning System layout diagram

The tire cleaning system consists of laser cleaning system (including control system, water cooling system), dust collection system, tire conveyor belt,  laser safety tire cleaning room (including laser cleaning head, centering device, observation window) and other components, its layout is shown in the figure below:
(The specific location can be placed according to the working conditions on site.)

tire cleaning system

Tire cleaning system part

Laser cleaning system includes laser generator, conductive fiber, laser cleaning head, water cooling system and control system.

laser generator

The laser adopts Raycus 500W nanosecond pulsed fiber laser with high efficiency and high integration. The use of nanosecond pulse light source can reduce the heating of cleaning parts and realize “cold treatment”

Laser cleaning head

The internal structure of the laser head mainly includes the optical path system and the circuit system. The laser head can be installed in the cleaning room to realize efficient and automatic cleaning. At the same time, the laser head contains a visible indicator light indicating the laser focus point, which is convenient for pre-identifying the specific position of the workpiece and manipulator programming. The optical fiber guides the laser beam into the laser head through the fiber optic connector, and the laser beam is reflected by the galvanometer and focused to the working point by the focusing mirror to realize laser processing. The built-in power feedback of the laser head can monitor the power value before cleaning the workpiece in real time to ensure the stability of the cleaning process. The oscillating mirror motor in the laser head has a position feedback function. The laser head can swing up and down, when the tire bead is small,that is, when the flatness of the tire is relatively low, the laser head rotates up and down to cover the cleaning part of the tire shoulder to prevent the laser from being unable to irradiate the shoulder position due to the small bead gap.

Cooling system

The cooling system adopts an integrated closed circulation system with water pump circulation. The water tank is made of anti-corrosion materials. The water tank has inspection ports, liquid level observation points, and water quality observation points. The water temperature is cooled by supporting refrigeration equipment. The flow monitoring, pressure monitoring, and temperature monitoring devices are installed in the cooling system pipeline, and are equipped with sound and light alarm devices.

Control System

The human-machine interface (HMI) adopts a Chinese interface, which can display process parameters (process formula parameters, tire barcode information), fault alarm information display, equipment information display (machine number, equipment status), operator information display (operator employee number, shift) and production process information display (planned number, completed number, unfinished number, beat (CT), production date) in real time. The man-machine interface can set the access rights of different modules (4-level password protection settings). Man-machine interface and PLC configuration

Equipped with a standard Ethernet interface, software and programs are open to third parties, with I/O point annotation, monitoring, and can monitor the program (ladder diagram). All process parameters and program-controlled actions can be stored according to specifications.

The final password of the PLC program can be provided to the buyer. The PLC program development platform and software provide genuine software and related authorization. All lines of the equipment must be marked with line numbers and terminals, and identification plates must be used at both ends of the cable. The operation modes such as start, stop, pause, and emergency stop of the system can all be carried out through the operation panel, and can be switched among three operating states: manual, automatic, and emergency stop.

The system has an automatic diagnosis function, and is equipped with alarm functions such as material shortage, abnormal movement, equipment failure, etc.

laser power 500W/1000W
Laser head working time 50000 hours
Laser wavelength ≤1064nm
Pulse frequency 2- 50kHz
Scanning speed 10-8000mm/s
Laser cleaning line width 5-100mm
Cleaning distance 100-200mm
Laser head cleaning width range 100-400mm
Radial movement range of laser head MAX 500mm

Dust collection system

The medium collected at the inlet of the dust collector is the dust on the inner surface of the tire after laser cleaning, which can ensure no leakage during dust collection, and the dust filtration rate of the dust removal system is greater than 99%. During the cleaning process of the inner surface of the tire, the laser cleaning equipment is operated after the dust collection system is running smoothly. The dust collector body, filter material, and piping system are all made of heat-resistant materials and multi-layer filtration. The filter screen is a standard model, and the installation position is easy to replace. The dust collector has a built-in activated carbon adsorption and deodorization, and the cleanliness of the exhaust air at the outlet meets the requirements of the emission standard.

tire conveyor belt

The main function:

  • 1) It can automatically complete tire input, centering, tire discharge after cleaning, etc.
  • 2) The entrance conveyor line adopts modular conveyor belt, and the power drive adopts servo drive control.
  • 3) Put the tires on the conveyor line at the entrance of the conveyor belt.
  • 4) The laser cleaning station has an automatic positioning function to ensure that the tire cannot be squeezed and deformed.
  • 5) The tire outlet can divert the signal according to the tire function requirements.

Tire Cleaning Machine Belt parameters

Maximum conveying speed


Internal net width of conveyor line


Centering accuracy

土3m’ mmm

Level 1 Laser Safety Tire Cleaning Room

The main function:

  • 1) Laser cleaning is used to clean the inner side of the tire in a fully automatic way;
  • 2) Equipped with an automatic tire centering device, as shown in the figure below, to ensure that the center of the tire is coaxial with the rotation center of the laser head, and the technical specifications of the coaxiality error equipment±3mm;
  • 3) The cleaning room is sealed and protected, and the tire entrance and exit are controlled by a safety isolation door. During laser cleaning, the safety door is closed to reach a level protection requirements, the opening and closing of the safety door is stable;
  • 4) It can automatically adjust the range of tire cleaning parts according to the manual input of tire barcode information;
  • 5) The distance between the laser head and the inner surface of the tire can be guaranteed during cleaning, and the distance measuring sensor is equipped to display the clearness between the laser head and the workpiece in real time.The distance between the cleaning position and the automatic adjustment of the distance between the laser head and the workpiece in time;
  • 6) When cleaning, it can ensure that the inner surface of the tire is cleaned, and it is equipped with a distance measuring sensor, which can accurately identify the position of the tire Offset, misalignment, etc., can be automatically moved to the precise position.
  • 7) The system is equipped with all necessary safety devices such as covers, doors for laser safety, interlocks as well as required for automation technology safety devices, laser processing is only allowed when all safety devices are in the locked state;
  • 8) The depth, power and tire rotation speed of laser cleaning can be adjusted, and can be set according to the tire specification requirements;
  • 9) Each mechanism will generate cumulative errors during operation, and the configuration will eliminate the cumulative errors, and the zero point will be automatically corrected;
  • 10) The energy detection of the laser head is equipped with an automatic detection function. When there is light attenuation, the system automatically compensates for light attenuation. laser pulse
  • The frequency, scanning speed, and laser line width are equipped with automatic detection functions. When an abnormality occurs, the system will report an error warning;
  • 11) The cleaning station can be used independently offline and online, with manual and automatic selection functions;
  • 12) Explosion-proof lighting fixtures are installed in the cleaning room, and the illuminance can meet the use requirements;
  • 13) The operating surface in the cleaning room is equipped with a transparent window (1000mm*1000mm), which can be clearly observed
laser cleaning machine

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