2024 Best Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine For Sale

Laser cleaning machine (laser rust removal )enables you to effortlessly get rid of the toughest rust, dust, oxides, oil and other contaminations as well as paint coatings from metal, plastic, wood,ceramics, glass, stone or concrete.Laser cleaner also called laser rust removal, laser paint removal, laser dust removal, laser Cleaning is an innovative technology for surface treatment of metals, rubber, plastic, glass, oils, wood and much more. The laser cleaning machine uses a laser beam at the surface of the material to break down the layer of rust or paint, it is a contactless method that only breaks down the layer without causing any harm to the material itself.

New Arrival & Creative

Classic Laser Cleaning Machines

600mm Super width cleaner

600mm cleaning width
2-3 times than traditional width
Working Speed:60m2/h
1000w/1500w/2000w/3000w New design laser rust removal gun


 Price among 5000USD- 25000 USD base different spec
200w portable laser cleaning machine (5)

200w Laser Cleaning Machine

  • New Arrival, creative product in April 2013
  • New design in the samllest size with higest perfomance
  • Laser Rust Removal Gun Weight:650g
  • Size: 450x163x312mm
  • Weight:12kgs

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Our Innovation Laser Cleaning Products

Laser Cleaning Machine Advantage

No harm for the base

Fiber Laser cleaning is a non-destructive cleaning method, especially the pulse laser cleaning machine, which has a good cleaning and protection effect on some sensitive materials such as cultural relics, real valuables, etc.

Safe and efficient

The fiber laser cleaning method is a green and environmentally friendly cleaning method, which does not require the use of chemical solvents and has little environmental pollution. At the same time, fiber laser cleaning usually uses a hand-held laser cleaning machine, which is easy to carry and the plot system is simple to operate.

Reduce maintenance costs

The fiber laser cleaning method does not need to add media or replace consumables, so the maintenance cost of laser cleaning equipment is extremely low, basically no maintenance and no consumption cost.

Laser cleaning Machine Application

Laser rust removal, laser paint removal, laser dust removal, and laser oxide removal tool

Cleaning of various metal materials:

Fiber laser cleaner is good at metal rust removal, paint removal, stains, and residue removal of steel,

copper rust removal, aluminum and other metal materials derust. 

For example, laser cleaning machine can be used in cleaning cars, various vehicle engines, molds, electronic products, precision metal parts, aerospace field, ship cleaning, etc.

None metal material application:

Historical artifacts.

None metal automotive parts.

Rubber/Injection molds.

Any application where gentle cleaning is required.

Laser Rust Removal

Rust removal: The handheld laser rust removal machine  is one of the most effective, cost-saving and environment friendly rust removal methods. This machine can be used to clean all kinds of parts, such as metal, cast iron products and so on.

It is very effective to use a high energy laser cleaner to remove corrosion. The laser burns surfaces such as rust, paint, etc. using the reflective characteristics of the metal, a good laser rust removal tool.

Laser Oil Contamination Removal

With the portable laser cleaner, you also have a machine perfect for clearing oil, grease, or other products from metallic and non-metallic materials. Therefore, it is an important laser cleaning machine if you work in the manufacturing and repair industry, where an accumulation of moisture, dirt, and grease is common.

Laser Paint removal

The high quality laser removes corrosion, rust and paint with the help of a special reflection coating. This handheld laser cleaner is 100% safe to use and all materials will be completely unaffected by the laser.

FAQ: Laser Cleaning Machine

JNCT LASER is one of the earliest factories in China that started to develop fiber laser cleaning equipment. With more than ten years of production experience in the laser equipment industry, JNCT LASER has developed the most innovative pulse fiber cleaning machines and continuous wave laser cleaning machine(CW laser), which are widely used in automobile manufacturing, construction industry , metal material processing industry, etc. The fiber laser cleaning machine produced by JNCT is accurate, economical, environmentally friendly and efficient.

How much does a laser cleaning machine cost?

Laser cleaning machines are divided into continuous laser (CW laser)and pulsed laser cleaner according to the different laser transmission methods. This laser cleaning machine price also different, The cw laser usually use high power  such as, 1000w laser cleaning machine, 1500w laser cleaning machine, 2000w laser cleaning machine. The CW (continuous wave) laser cleaning machine price is around 7000USD-12000 USD.

In addition to the continuous wave laser cleaning machine, the pulsed laser cleaner newly developed by our JNCT company, the power of the pulsed laser cleaning machine is usually between 100w-500w, and the cooling method is also different. Usually, the 100w pulsed laser cleaning machine uses air cooling method, The 200w paulsed laser cleaning can be equipped with either an air-cooled chiller or a water cooling chiller. The pulse cleaning machine above 300w, including the 500w laser cleaning machine, will basically be equipped with a water-cooled chiller. Therefore, according to the configuration The pulse laser cleaning machine cost  is between 9000-70000 usd.

In general, the price of continuous laser cleaning machine 1000w-2000w laser cleaning machine is 7000-12000 usd, and the price of pulse laser cleaning machine 100w-500w is between 9000-70000usd.


What can a laser cleaner clean?

Laser cleaning machine uses short pulses of laser light and has the same intensity as other powered cleaners, but is ideal for products such as:remove rust, oxide, paint and other contaminants from metal surfaces, with better performance in metal material, such as Steel,Inox,Cast iron,Aluminum and so on, and the pulsed laser is good at metal and non metal material such as ceramics , stones and so on.

How laser rust removal work?

The principle of laser rust removal for removing rust is that when exposed to high temperature, the rust instantly evaporates.

After the plasma is removed, the rust-free part will not be damaged even when exposed to a laser due to the high reflectivity of the lower metal layer to light.

Therefore, this laser rust removal method is efficient and safe, and can even perfectly clean the corners of parts such as letters and bolts.

Thus, as long as the laser beam can reach the rust, it can be removed.