200w laser cleaning machine

How do laser cleaning machine work?

The working principle of the laser is very simple. The device radiates a flux of light that acts on the metal. If the surface of the product is clean, then it simply reflects it. On the contrary, rusty areas absorb these rays.

Due to the accumulation of excess energy, the oxide begins to flake off and move away from the substrate. Under the influence of the powerful laser radiation, the corrosion melts and evaporates.

The melting point of the oxide is 1600 degrees. Steel changes its structure at a much higher rate. Therefore, the laser has no damaging effect on the metal.

High cleaning efficiency is achieved not only due to the high temperature of the metal surface, but also due to the impact load. With the help of the laser, it is possible to clean not only smooth products but also corrugated products.

Advantages of the method:

The use of modern developments in the creation of the considered treatment method determines that it has many advantages. The following points are examples.

When working, no toxic substances are formed that negatively affect the human body.

The processing technology does not lead to the formation of noise. During mechanical actions, a lot of noise is generated, which can cause significant discomfort.

The high efficiency and quality of the resulting product. Other methods of rust removal cannot achieve such high results. At the same time, the possibility of errors is ruled out, since one person cannot control the quality of cleaning.

Laser cleaning methods can be applied when the surface is represented by a combination of different materials. An example is the case of steel sheets having leather and other finishes.

The device is easy to use. Usually, the device automatically selects the best mode of operation. You can enter the information manually, with a special remote control or display.

There is no need for various consumables. When applying chemical cleaning methods, a sufficiently large amount of reagents is required, which are then not suitable for use.


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