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TPF3015H cnc metal cutter machine

TPF3015H cnc metal cutter machine

TPF3015H cnc metal cutter machine TPF3015H cnc metal cutter machine Model:TPF3015H Laser type:1064nm Fiber Auto focus:Yes Laser power:2000W Weight:3200 KG Positioning accuracy:+-0.03mm/m Repeatability:+-0.02mm Cutting accuracy

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Fiber laser cutter main part

Fiber Laser Source

It is the core component of fiber laser cutting machine. Compared with other types of lasers, fiber laser has the advantages of higher efficiency, longer service life, less maintenance, and lower cost.

Fiber Laser Cutter Body

The bed, beam, worktable, and Z-axis system of the laser cutting machine are collectively referred to as the host. When the laser cutting machine is cutting, first place the workpiece on the bed, and then use the servo motor to drive the beam to control the movement of the Z axis. Users can adjust the parameters according to their own needs.

1. Fiber Laser Cutting head:

Fiber Laser cutting head consists of a nozzle, a focusing lens and a focus tracking system. The cutting head of the laser cutting machine will walk according to the set cutting trajectory, but need adjust the head height in the case of different materials,  thicknesses and different cutting methods.

fiber laser cutting machine
2.  Gas supply system:

 The gas supply system of fiber laser cutting machine mainly includes air source, filter device and pipeline . Among them, there are two kinds of gas sources: bottled gas and compressed air.

3.Fiber Laser Control System

Control system control system: mainly controls the machine tool, realizes the movement of X, Y, Z axes, and also controls the output power of the laser.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine FAQ

What are the advantages of fiber laser?
  • Low cost and maintenance

The primary advantages of cutting flat sheet metal with Fiber laser technology is maintenance free and provides a lower cost of operation than can be achieved with comparable CO2 lasers.

  • Fast Speed

Fiber lasers can cut through thin materials at very high speeds. Compared with CO2 laser cutting machine, a five time increase in cutting speeds in materials that are less than 1/2 inch thick.

  • Non contact process and high precision

The fiber laser cutting machine work process is automatic work, only set the cnc computer, not any contract during the cutting with high quality.

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What is the use of fiber laser cutting machine?
  • Machinery Industry Construction machinery, agricultural machinery, etc.

For some workpieces with many holes, use the dot function of the fiber laser cutting machine to determine the position of the holes. Fiber laser cutting is suitable for cutting round holes with various thicknesses of plates. Laser processing can use modern CAD/CAM software to achieve a variety of Shaped sheet cutting to improve production efficiency.

  • Home appliances, kitchenware

Home appliances and kitchen utensils are basically made of thin plates. Before the stamping and stretching process, the fiber laser cutting machine is used to process the panel samples. For some special-shaped products, the fiber laser cutting machine has unique advantages, including Power distribution cabinets, filing cabinets, etc., can achieve standardized production and improve production efficiency

  • Transportation, automotive industry.

Many corners in the automotive industry, such as car doors, car exhaust pipes, etc., need to be processed after being formed. If artificial, it is difficult to achieve accuracy first, and secondly, the efficiency is very low. Faster batch processing with laser cutting machine

  • Decoration, advertising industry

Lighting laser cutting machine. Nowadays, there are various kinds of lighting advertising decoration products, creating a different home environment. Fiber laser cutting machines are good at cutting personalized decorative materials, and can be handy for all kinds of carvings and hollowing out.

How does a fiber laser cutting machine work?

The fiber laser cutting machine focuses the laser beam into a small spot, and obtains a high energy density at the focus of the beam, which causes the temperature of the material at the laser irradiation point to rise sharply, and instantly reaches the vaporization temperature, resulting in evaporation and the formation of holes.
The fiber laser cutting machine takes this as the starting point, and according to the shape requirements of the workpiece to be processed, the laser beam and the workpiece are moved relative to each other according to a certain trajectory to form a slit. During the process of the fiber laser cutting machine, the processing system should also be equipped with the necessary auxiliary gas blowing device, so that the slag produced by the slitting has been eliminated.