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Laser Machine Application

Featured laser machine in metal industry, laser cutting machine laser welding machine, laser cleaning machine and so on.

Well packed, great supplier, fast delivery, very well made, and easy to set up and get up and runing. We engraved some pictures in aluminum plates and did cutting our company logo on some brass and silver pieces and they really look good. Good choice for me and our friend.
Anna Patricia​
Manager of Marking Consultant

Laser Cleaning

Automation remanufacture

We use the laser cleaning machine in cleaning the aluminum, cast iron, steel and magnesium housings from the transfer cases, differentials and transmissions that we remanufacture here in Canada. 

"I recommend Jnctlaser AARON based on experience. He is my trusted source for all my laser and parts needs ."
John Allison

Laser cutting

Metal laser cutting

 i just get my JNCT-1530 installed, its cutting size 1300*2500mm. My steel is different from 0.7-2.8mm, i was recommend 300w laser with lower price by another chinese company, but Luna recommend me 500W, after watching the testing video by 300W and 500w, finally i choose my 500w. definitely, Luna is very helpful and has much experience in machine.

"When i install, their engineer Aaron give some help in setup, first time to use a Chiese machine,i spend one week to make it running, Lol."
Edward B. Suarez

Laser Cleaning

Industry paint removal


"Every time I get stuck with something they always help me out since the purchase of my fiber laser, customer service is great, no matter the time they always respond within minutes.."
Alicia Potter

Laser welder

Laser welding Machine

Some time ago I researched their handheld laser welder. My impressions from the machine, samples and the sales rep. are excellent.
Quite possibly this is the best small machine made in China at the moment.

"I’m now in progress. My business is developing. I can said I have a good new life in Los Angeles. Your laser welder machine can keep my business in a good shape!."
Kevin Clark

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