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Appearance of the fifth generation lightest cleaning head

  1. With the continuous development of science and technology, the research and development of pulse cleaning head has come to a new stage. The pulse cleaning head has undergone four generations of changes. Now the fifth generation has also come out. So let’s briefly review some of the disadvantages of the first four generations of cleaning heads.


First generation cleaning head

1) It is too bulky to be extremely inconvenient to use.

2) And it is bulky, and the possibility for users to hold it and use it for a long time is too low.

Due to these obvious disadvantages of the first-generation cleaning head, the promotion of pulse cleaning machines is still very slow.


Second generation cleaning head

1) The scanning patterns it can provide are only straight lines and spirals.

2) The focal length it supports is fixed and single.

3) The rotary button is easily damaged. Moreover, it is difficult for the user to adjust the parameters.

4) Although compared to the first generation, it is much lighter. But it’s still a bit bulky for workers who need to use the cleaning head for extended periods of time.

5) And its integration automation is difficult.


Third generation cleaning machine

1) Its heat dissipation effect is not good, so long-term use will damage the galvanometer and the lens.

2) It is not equipped with a protective device, so it is easy to accidentally touch the launch button, which will cause harm accidentally.

3) Integrated automation cannot be easily achieved either.

4) The focus is more difficult to control.


Fourth generation cleaning machine

1) The volume is still relatively large, so it gives a slightly bulky feeling.

2) It is also not suitable for the staff to hold and operate for a long time.

3) The heat dissipation holes are easy to enter the dust, which affects the operation of the machine.


  1. Therefore, the development of the fifth-generation cleaning machine deliberately avoids the obvious drawbacks of the previous four-generation cleaning machines. So let’s take a look at the advantages of the fifth-generation cleaning machine.

1) The most remarkable thing is that it is only 645 grams.

2) It is usually used for 220V power supply, but it can also be customized according to the power supply of the customer’s country.

3) It supports plug and play.

4) It can withstand 300W stably without getting hot.

5) When developing it, special attention was paid to its environmental performance.


  1. Each design on the cleaning head has its own meaning.

1)True 2D cleaning head

It can be holded for a long time without getting tired.

Stable performance can withstand 300W eithout hot.

2)Air knife vacuuming

Better protection of focusing lens, upgraded dust extraction system design

3)Focusing lens


The option is suitable for various situations, and can scan straight line circle, spiral, rectangle, square, circle fill, rectangle fill, etc. Corresponding scanning graphics can be added according to customers’ needs.

4)Laser switch

Its main function is light output function.

It has stable performance and fast response.

It has machine performances of shock resistance, vibration resistance, low light disturbance, long life.

5)Safety button

The safety lock prevents incorrect operation from causing laser emission.

6)Laser interface

Qcs, QBH commonly used laser joints in the market

7)What’s more, four holes on the side are convenient for automatic cleaning and installation.


All in all, it is believed that the emergence of this generation of cleaning heads can drive the development and promotion of pulse cleaning machines to a higher level.

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