100W backpack laser cleaning machine portable

A 10kg backpack cleaninging machine that supports an external lithium battery

(1) Brief introduction:

This new backpack-style pulsed laser cleaner is an outstanding fiber-optic handheld laser decoating laser cleaner with 50W and 100W options. Using MAX self-made laser source, its energy can be compared with the ordinary 200W, the single pulse energy can reach 1.5-1.7mj, the cleaning speed is very fast, and the surface of the cleaned material is as smooth as new without any flaws.


(2) Let’s talk about the ingenuity of the design of this device:

we do the utmost miniaturization on the premise of ensuring complete functions. Either way, it looks very small, which provides convenience for more outdoor cleaning jobs. In the design, in order to save space as much as possible, our designers innovatively designed the safety indicator light and the case handle into one, which makes the use more convenient while ensuring high-quality safety protection measures.


(3) Lithium battery can be connected:

Compared with other laser cleaning equipment on the market, the biggest highlight of this backpack cleaning machine is that it can be connected to a lithium battery pack, which is especially suitable for outdoor cleaning work.

  • Selection of outdoor power supply: ordinary power supply that meets local voltage requirements
  • Energy consumption: According to many tests by our technicians, a 1100W outdoor power supply can support this device to work outdoors for 3-4 hours, which provides support for outdoor cleaning work.
  • No need to plug in, it can be used anytime and anywhere, especially in places without power supply equipment, it can still be used freely.
  • The weight of the whole machine is about 10kg, and the size is 280mm*380mm*150mm, which is similar to the size of a piece of A3 paper.


(4) Additional Features:
  • Non-contact cleaning, there are 8 cleaning modes to choose from, the laser head weighs about 650g and is about the same size as a cigarette box.
  • Using the MAX manufacturer’s self-made laser source, the performance is stable, the laser is soft, and the part matrix will not be damaged.
  • Precise cleaning, which can achieve selective cleaning of precise location and precise size.
  • No chemical cleaning solution, no consumables, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • Simple operation, support plug-in or external power bank.
  • The cleaning efficiency is very high, saving time, the system is stable and maintenance-free.


(5) Main application:

It is mainly suitable for urban graffiti cleaning, welding bead cleaning, high-altitude work or seiko workshops that cannot be connected to electricity. In addition, it can also be used for laser metal rust removal, wood cleaning, metal primer cleaning, thin oil layer cleaning, etc.

It can be widely used in iron and steel metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, automobiles and parts, aerospace, military electronics, precision instruments, machinery manufacturing, molds, hardware tools, integrated circuits, sheet metal, advertising, craft gifts and other industries.


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