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New! 600mm width Laser cleaning machine

The first model laser cleaning machine with 600mm width in the laser market.

  • 600mm laser cleaning width
  • 2-3 times than traditional cleaning width
  • Working Speed:60m2/h
  • TPC series 1000W-3000W
  • Large cleaning format: 600mm
  • New design laser rust removal gun 


Interface typ


Power range:

s 3000WV

Support air pressure

 7bar (nitrogen or compressed air)

Cleaning adjustment range



Collimation distance


Focus distance


Cooling method

water cooling

Laser wavelength:




1000-3000w workable especially can stably carry a 3000W laser and work continuously for 72 hours. In manual laser operations, 3000W is already the maximum power range of a handheld laser head

Large cleaning width

The maximum cleaning width can reach 600mm, the light output is uniform without distortion, the cleaning effect is consistent, and the cleaning efficiency is 200%-400% of most domestic counterparts

2D graphics optional

The light spot can be set as one-dimensional straight line or two-dimensional filled graphics, such as circle, square, thread, etc., which can flexibly meet the cleaning and light requirements of different workpieces and is more practical

International Safety Standards

In line with the European standard safety standards, on the basis of the original protection of the domestic laser head, an additional indicator light and safety switch are added, which can observe the working status of the laser head in real time, making it safer

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