Cleaning work for URBAN POSRIASIS(excessive graffiti remove).

This blog is about cleaning up the city’s excessive graffiti.

As the cultural sustenance of a city, graffiti shows a new face of the city. We can see that after graffiti, the city becomes colorful..

With the passage of time, more and more people want to show their graffiti, so they do additional graffiti on the basis of the original graffiti, or do the next graffiti without cleaning up, making the walls dilapidated.

How to clean up?
Clean up the excessive graffiti, let the streets and government departments rack their brains, either chemically remove it, or use physical methods, and shovel it out. But one causes extra pollution and the other damages the walls, which is a headache.

Fiber Laser Cleaning Machine

The protagonist of today is here.

This machine is completely tailor-made for urban graffiti, removes graffiti in one second, does not damage the wall, and does not have any pollution. This machine brings together top technology, enhances the laser pulse intensity, and re-customizes the weight and appearance. Two backpacks of 50 & 100W are set, with weights of 7.5 & 10.5kg respectively. Again, in addition to portability, 100W The pulse intensity has been consistent with the 200W pulse intensity.

Order it, contact me, and get rid of psoriasis in your city.

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