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12 years’ innovation and development lead our JNCT laser company to be the leading laser machine supplier.

The main laser machine include laser cutter, laser cleaning machine, laser welder, laser marking machine, among these four series, we are the leading laser cleaning machine manufacturer in China, and our JNCT laser is the first batch manufacturer engaged in laser cleaner. Besides this, we supply the most affordable laser cutting machine for our clients with high reputation, from the laser cutter beginner to the profesional industrial laser cutter model, our products are the most competitive and useful.

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Laser cutting machine for metal, stainless steel laser cutter, aluminum laser cutter etc.


Laser welding machine, handheld laser welder for sale


China leading laser cleaning machine manufacturer


All kinds of laser marking machine with affordable price

Why Choose Us

We are specilized in metal laser cutter team for more than 10 years, and featured in laser cleaning machine, laser welder, laser marking machine with professional R&D team

Excellence Design

We engaged in develop the laser machines size and portable to use, this can help our clients to save much shipping cost and no need many workplace space.

Fast Delivery

Full inventory of laser cleaning machines, laser welder, laser marking machine, small scale laser cutter with repair parts ready for immediate delivery. You won’t find this flexibility and quick turnaround with other laser cleaner suppliers.

Innovative Solution Team

We have professional research and development team, who are commit to design the most competitive laser machines to meet the market needs.

Affordable Price

We have our own laser machines manufacturer, laser machine has the most portable in use and with affordable price.


Performance and value are why the largest retailers in the world choose us to provide their laser machines.

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Professional recommendations for the equipment you need backed by industry-leading knowledge.

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Here’s What Our Client Say about Us

“I was surprised by the quality of the laser machines for the price paid, and so far this Metal Laser Cutter machine has worked very effectively. Having said that, the machine itself has performed very well..”

Mickle Patricia

Manager of Industrial Consultant

I'm really happy with the laser cleaning machine , it runs really well and the I've found the system easy to follow. Any questions I had were answered promptly and when you contact the help desk, it's Aaron that responds and his suggestions are simple to follow and always right on point. If you're thinking about getting into laser , I highly recommend JNCTLASER
John Allison
CEO of Manufacture Company
Although not that easy to setup, the Laser cutting machine instructions were very well made. I would probably buy it again as a beginner machine, but might choose a stiffer build for a second machine. Great folks with excellent support. Their Youtube Channel is a wealth of information, and some experts there are quite unselfish with their time.
Alicia Potter
House Repair Designer
If you are work for metal processing, I recommend this machine 100%. It's easy to assemble. At this price range it's the best bang for your buck. Great machine for the price. There is a learning curve when getting started (mostly software) but once you understand the capabilities of the laser cutter you'll be able to cut many different thickness metal plate and door
Edward B. Suarez
Factory Owner

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